Rufibach rePROstat EF

Rufibach rePROstat was founded as Einzelfirma on February 1, 2012. It specializes in planning and analysis of biomedical studies and trainings in biostatistics. Expertise in biostatistics was gained through over 250 consulting projects at the Universities of Bern and Zurich, the Swiss Group for Applied Cancer Research, by large consulting projects for biotech companies such as Myriad RBM (Austin, TX), and through work as a biostatistician in pharmaceutical industry.


I have ample experience in giving trainings on a wide range of topics, for audiences with statistical and non-statistical background. See the CV page for a documentation of my teaching experience.

Reproducibility and software

If it is agreed that I write a formal report for a data analysis, I adhere to the priniciples of REproducible PROfessional STATistical research. My preferred software to achieve reproducible research is R, either using Sweave or R markdown. I have also experience in using SAS.